Advice for Online Casino Bonuses in 2019

Casino industry trends shift over time, and all aspects of gaming will evolve in some way. That goes for casino bonuses too, and we have seen some shift in the way they are offered and advertised.

For a start, you will see that some the authorities in some countries like New Zealand have put pressure on online casinos to be clearer and more transparent in how casino bonuses and their terms are marketed. A new regulation goes into effect there from 1st August 2019, which will require terms and conditions to be understandable to a member of the general public. You might expect other countries to adopt similar rules soon.

In saying that, the casino industry in places like the UK is so competitive that the market often self regulates on theses issues. Bonuses are certainly clearer than they were a few years ago, and often the main terms and conditions are laid out clearly on the advertising banner. If you are not clear about what we mean by terms and conditions, there are five main areas:

  • Wagering Requirements – how many times a bonus must be wagered before it becomes real, withdrawable cash.
  • Maximum Win Caps – there could potentially be a limit to the amount you can win with a bonus.
  • Expiration – the time allotted to wager a bonus.
  • Exclusions – the games (if any) that are excluded from the bonus.
  • Bet Limits – restrictions on the size of a wager.

By and large these days, you can find that information easily if you get your bonus directly from an official casino. Review sites like this one help spell things out clearly, but casinos themselves – certainly the top casinos – have been pretty clear in recent times, arguably taking on board what customers have been saying. That’s the competition in the market at work, with rival operators raising their game lest they get left behind.

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Clear Bonus Terms Essential

A good example of how this works is with the UK welcome bonus. On the bonus page, the casino lays out the ‘significant terms’ for the welcome package, which includes 20 no-deposit free spins, 180 free spins and a matched deposit bonus. Every important stipulation is laid out and readable at glance. You can read the full Android app review from Casino-apps by clicking here.

Strategy for using a casino bonus hasn’t really changed that much in recent years. Casino players will have their own tactics, based on their goals and ambitions. For example, some will play low variance slot machines in the hope of sustaining the bonus balance, and then moving on once the requirements have been made. Others will favour the nuclear approach, playing high stakes and volatile slots in the hope of landing a huge win.

It should be noted that many casinos are now tailoring bonuses towards live dealer casinos. This is a much-needed development, as many traditional bonuses were either excluded or not quite suitable for live dealer games. You will see offers like ‘Golden Chips’ and cashback available for live roulette, blackjack and so on.

All in all, casino bonuses are in a fairly healthy state in 2019. The industry is keeping an eye on developments from governments and regulatory bodies, where there are always voices looking to hamstring the marketing side of the industry. For the moment, however, you can enjoy some really good offers out there with very clear stipulations.