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You can contact us by either sending us an e-mail or sending us a tweet to the following details; – Please entitle your message “Casino-apps” and we don’t want any spam. We have no need for SEO services or web design as we have an in house team, any emails of this nature will be deleted.

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About us is part of Black Marlin LTD and is run along side other sites. This site has been running for a few years and we’re adding new app reviews all the time. Our aim is to have the most comprehensive guide to mobile casinos in the UK through well researched independent reviews.

We like to review the apps for each platform, i0s, Android and mobile and check all the apps on both mobiles and tablets. We rate each app on each platform independently of the others to make sure we are suggesting the best app for each platform rather than just the best company.

Company details –

Black Marlin LTD

Reg no 07942873


Review Criteria

All the apps are reviewed against the same criteria where we score them for certain aspects that we think a good app need. This list is a guide but not a fully comprehensive break down of our reviews.

Design – Does the app render to the screen, how does the app look.

Functionality – Does the app work as it should, how responsive is it.

Registration & Bonus – How long does it take to register and how easy is the bonus to claim – There’s nothing worse than registering and then not getting your bonus!

Overall feel – This is more based on our experience of casino apps we get an idea of how the app feels to play on compared to other apps in the market.